Someone decided to put asterisks next to names — beautiful!

Birds tweet in the distance as a strumming electronic guitar slowly fades in. A keyboard starts to play a melodic riff, repeating it over and over, setting up a foundation. A sweeter sounding melody now starts to setup a tempo for the whole track. A minute later a drum, presumably generated electronically, for it’s not warm enough as would be expected from a drum kit, starts to provide a solid beat. A bass now finds it’s way into the musical composition. A room full of instruments is now in full flow. It is a dance. Energies combine, uncombine and entangle but never get stuck. As if to embellish and celebrate the ecstasy of union, a hi-hat starts to spring from instrument to instrument like a fairy that’s decided to make her appearance and enliven the situation.

I am in sheer ecstasy. Nothing has ever made me swoon, feel drunk and completely lose myself as beautifully and thoroughly as music has, no matter what the genre. I love it all — Indian classical music, electronica, jazz and soul, funk and hip hop, folk music and songs of the African tribes. But it’s the music, the sound, not the words I love. Words are unnecessary, as a songwriter once put it, but they can do good as well as harm.

It’s a question of purity of expression.

What has happened to women nowadays is that they’ve decided to suck the life out of people instead of expressing themselves. They lack sweetness, so they gravitate towards sweet people — mostly children, who we all think are benefiting from women. They’re not. Women are sucking the life out of our kids as well as adults. They’re predatory, most of them anyway. We just don’t care at the moment because we think only when a man wants a small child for sex it’s perverted. What women are up to is immensely perverted. The world will wake up one day and be horrified at how long it allowed this state of affairs to continue.

Women should be mothers to children, meaning that they share their sweetness with children without receiving anything in return. They would be rewarded by the simple fact they were able to express themselves. This is what breastfeeding fundamentally is about — a woman expressing her sweetness. Instead, what’s going on world-wide is that women are hoping to get rid of whatever pain they’ve accumulated by feeding it to their children. It’s become a way for women to feel comforted. Do you know how this works?

Water is the pain carrier in existence. Whenever it is released, pain goes along with it. Guess what breast milk is made of?

If women were enlightened, they would cleanse themselves of all their pain and suffering, and only then feed their children, spiritually or physically. Instead, women world-wide are using not just their small children, but adult men and women as a means to dump their pain. And this is why women are often seen trying to advertise themselves they way they are. It’s nefarious to say the least. When a woman expresses her sweetness she should feel ecstasy, but women are experiencing ‘relief’.

You experience a sense of relief when you release pain, not when you’re expressing yourself! Expression is always followed by ecstasy. The boys mostly know what I am talking about, even though the vast majority of them haven’t ever expressed themselves either. They’ve simply tried to release their pain, which is why religions are calling what they’re doing a sin. It is not a sin, but a crime, which is why both men and women are finding themselves imprisoned within their own bodies, minds and souls, unable to be free and express themselves in ways they can, should and must!

Otherwise, what’s the point of living?

Stay young and beautiful!




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