How to redesign our civilization

In the last article, I wrote about how our civilization’s psychological impact on human beings is deleterious, to the point where most women don’t have a sense for how to navigate their lives with ease, ultimately making the wrong choices when creating a life for themselves. This has caused entire countries to follow the wrong path down towards ‘progress’ and created some really strange institutions that do not really need to exist, or need to function extremely differently, essentially making our current institutions obsolete and dangerous.

So the question is: what are the kinds of institutions, enterprises and community groups that are of no use to society? Its not possible to answer this question without creating confusion among those seeking to simply poke holes at one entity or another, as a way of ‘finding fault’ with them. Our current civilization is such that many human beings have decided that we should be pointing the finger at one entity or another and making them ‘responsible’ for the way things are. But ‘responsibility’ isn’t a psychological thing — just because you label someone ‘responsible’ doesn’t do anything, as every single person on this planet is affected in some way by the decisions that other people make. It is only when you drop the mask and become a human being that you can be free of all these influences. Until then, no ‘one’ individual can be made ‘responsible’ for all that is wrong, even within a sub-unit of the population.

Case in point, let’s take our government, a favorite target of ire for almost everyone these days. Almost no one thinks that government is doing a good job of ‘running the country’, because its easy to think so. If you look at the news, it appears as if government makes all the decisions that the rest of humanity has to live by. Laws are debated, passed, changed and seemingly ‘enforced’ by the police in order to keep us all in check. And whenever something does go wrong, such as all the ‘unfair’ incidents of police brutality seen on the news these days, people are quick to point fingers at one part of society (in this case, the police force), as being ‘responsible’ and calling for them to be defunded, for example.

But this isn’t how the reality of the situation is unfolding. As I’ve written many times before, love is the ultimate power in the universe and it is by love alone that all these things happen. While people may like to convince themselves that love isn’t a ‘bad’ thing, love isn’t committed to non-violence, repression, destruction, elimination, restructuring or any number of other things that people are afraid of, and are quick to label as ‘evil’. Love is the highest intelligence in the universe and as such, it is completely impersonal, meaning that its goal is harmony overall, not for a specific group of ‘people’.

Or harmony for people at all!

The goal of love is harmony, but not for pretenders. People aren’t safe in the presence of love — only enlightened human beings are.

The greatest impediment to true love in our world, is the insistence by human beings to want to pretend. Instead of being themselves — just human — they want to pretend to be ‘this’ or ‘that’. For example, even as a teenager, when you go to school, you ‘pretend’ to be a student. You may not think that you’re pretending, but you are, and the pretense is so deep and completely blinding, that you have forgotten who you really came here to be. No, not who you are, but who you came here to be. Once you’ve decided that you want to be here not as a human being, but as a person, you’ve essentially cut yourself off from all existence, because our existence isn’t made for people.

Our existence is made for us to be human, not people.

But what’s the difference between a person and a human being? Simply this: human beings are essentially what were created by the universe, while people are what we created. Wherever you look, the roles people play are entirely made up. There is no such thing as a ‘fireman’, a ‘nurse’, a ‘doctor’, a ‘policeman’, a ‘barista’, a ‘teacher’, a ‘writer’ and so on. These are all just labels, made up for the hell of it. Ultimately, we are all here to just be, not play roles.

This phenomenon isn’t a recent one, of course. These things have been going on for millennia now, so the level of self-delusion is very deep. Human beings have become so deeply conditioned by the society around them, that they aren’t even able to see how to see, both themselves, and others. At this point, most human beings only see people, not the human being at all, forget who we really are!

People only see others as people, not as human beings and that’s a reflection of how they see themselves.

Once we pretend to this extent, there isn’t any way our civilization can be in harmony with the universe. It is only going to unfold like a very badly written movie script, where everything is going wrong all the time, no one is really in charge and nothing is fixable. Essentially, it becomes a hopeless tragedy. And that’s exactly how women feel their lives are — tragic. It shows on your faces as you walk around — your level of cynicism, rage and hopelessness is utterly palpable to those who wish to look. I used to be one of those people that had this type of vision, and then it was taken from me after my spiritual service had all but completely ended and I was in the end stages of my strengthening. Now, I don’t see women this way at all — in fact I don’t see women. I only focus on love, so all I see is the love within whatever I am seeing. That’s all.

Now there’s actually human beings that have figured out this much, that there is a lot of conditioning going on, so they’ve come up with ways to manipulate your conditioning to the point where you are so confused that you’ll give in to anything. As a woman, you may have come across people like this — they’ll basically ‘seduce’ you, have their way with you and then, well, maybe they’ll stay a while or not. But either way, you’ve been had. And not in a good way. Do not think that this happens to you with ‘bad boys’, or ‘at a club’ — even advertisers, pornographers, talent agencies and so on all work in the same fashion. They create a narrative where your conditioning is manipulated such that you are made to believe that somehow, by giving in to their demands, that you’ll suddenly ‘be yourself’ and ‘express yourself’. A prime example is makeup stores, that all claim to give you the tools to express yourself and become who you really want to become. Almost everyone in Los Angeles seems to have adopted this ‘strategy’ to some extent, without even realizing it. In fact, many of you actively want to influence other people in hopes of gaining a following. Its quite devious, but as usual, karma isn’t dumb — its going to stick to you if you engage in ridiculous nonsense like this. You’ll pay for it.

The purpose of all ‘elementary’ spirituality is undoing this conditioning so that you stop pretending to be a ‘person’ and start being human.

The purpose of all ‘elementary’ spirituality is undoing this conditioning so that you stop pretending to be a ‘person’ and start being human.

Once this conditioning has worn off, you will no longer find anything in our civilization to be worth a damn. In fact, you will actively hate everything that you used to ‘love’ before, as you’ll come to terms with just how damaging it was to you. Most people don’t survive this stage. Once they realize that this whole world is a made up thing, they simply give up and die. And this is one more reason why you should not engage in Yoga, meditation and ‘spiritual’ practice willy-nilly. Once the realization of the truth sinks in all the way, most people are unable to withstand it. You literally cannot handle the truth!

Once the realization of the truth sinks in all the way, most human beings die as they cannot withstand the truth. This is why you should not take up Yoga, meditation and spiritual practices without a guru’s supervision.

This is why I wrote a warning, where I stated that this kind of event is about to happen to a whole lot of human beings whether or not they take up meditation. How so? Because the planet’s energy is about to rise significantly. Its a natural part of our planet’s evolution that its energy is about to surge at some point in the next 15 years or so. This isn’t ‘news’ — many Yogis, saints and gurus have been talking about it for a very long time. Its just that most of you, unfortunately, are so beat down by stupid ‘conspiracy’ theories and ‘doomsday’ predictions, that you fail to pay attention even to what is really unfolding in our universe. This is a classic case of wanting to stick your head in the sand and hope that nothing ever changes. There is no ‘conspiracy’ afoot, nor is the ‘world about to end’, but the planet’s energy is about to rise and when it does, everyone’s perception will shift — subconsciously — and when it does, people will understand things about the way life is they did not before.

In other words, people will experience subconsciously what happens someone gets a little bit enlightened. New stuff will come into their understanding, but it won’t be conscious. And because this new stuff will not make any sense — thanks to karma and the fact that everything is seen through a fog when karma is all over you — human beings will panic, creating all sorts of issues for themselves and those around them. All this is already happening to a much greater extent than you may have realized. Already, race riots, all kinds of terrorist attacks, sporadic incidents of mass paranoia and domestic violence are all happening and they are about to skyrocket. Suicides, especially among younger people, are up by a lot. And if you take a look at the movies that are being produced, you’ll see that almost all of them are dystopian in nature. Why? Because the subconscious makes up all kinds of bullshit when it isn’t cleared up, leading to poor navigation and ‘bad choices’.

At some point in the next 70 years or so, our whole civilization will experience an upheaval, but it won’t affect those who’ve enlightened themselves and created for themselves — and the people they care about — a life that is immune to this sort of bullshit. Unfortunately, the vast majority of human beings, especially women, have zero chance of making it in this lifetime, which is why I am only writing for teenagers and women who have an exceptional level of feminine grace. The rest of the population isn’t even going to survive, much less make it to the other side and live a happy life!

Now before you scream that there is some kind of evil in the universe, understand that all this is actually the work of love, the highest intelligence in the universe. If we all had basically stuck to the original plan, of remaining human, loving each other freely and making this place into a paradise, well, everything would have been alright. But since many of us are well beyond redemption at this stage, love is doing the one thing it does really well — dissolve what is of zero use to its own goals. And its going to start by killing off some of our most ‘beloved’ institutions, roles people play and activities.

Most of what happens in our civilization nowadays isn’t valuable, as its based on two fundamental assumptions that aren’t true. The first assumption is that pain is a bad thing. And the second assumption is that suffering isn’t a problem.

Pain is a necessary condition of the human experience, one that is used in order for the body to respond and take action. The body does not want to suppress pain, or pretend that it doesn’t exist. It wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Let’s say that you consumed a whole bunch of chilies — a food I often call out as being bad for you. If you’re like most people, your body will not like it, and you will experience a belly ache. Your body will literally ‘eject’ (at somewhat high speed, I might add!), the substance causing the pain and the pain itself will go with it. This is the body’s mechanism. And if you’re enlightened, you will never consume another chili again, at least not without understanding that you’re about to use it in a specific fashion that you must in order to accomplish something. After all, as I wrote, even poisons have a role to play. This is true of other kinds of pain as well, not just that caused by eating bad food. Its true of associating with bad people, being in environments that are polluted and so on. The body experiences pain, and takes action to get rid of it.

Since our current civilization has decided that pain is a bad thing, its developed a whole lot of horrible ‘remedies’ that involve essentially suppressing, delaying or slowing down the experience of pain. All of it is extremely harmful. Even women nowadays are given the option of Epidural, a chemical that allows them to not feel the pain during childbirth. If your body has specifically chosen this experience in order to release a whole bunch of pain that you’ve accumulated in it, why the hell are you not allowing it to go through with it? Because you are conditioned to believe that the pain is a bad thing. It’s just that simple. You might say that pain hurts. Well of course it does — that’s the whole point of it! If it didn’t hurt why the hell would the body want to take action to get rid of it?

The second assumption is that suffering isn’t a problem. And this is somewhat worse, because all its done is created a civilization that pretends to be ok with suffering, while it continuously reacts to suffering by attempting to find a way to suppress it as well. Let’s talk about ‘homosexuality’, for example. There isn’t anything wrong with a man making love to another man. Really — none whatsoever. It isn’t even inappropriate, nor is it fraught with karmic repercussions beyond that which you would get by being intimate with another being. That’s all. Men making love to other men is as problematic as men making love to women, nothing less. If two happy males got together and loved each other, nobody’s got an issue with it. In this world, or any other world.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with men making love to other men, or women making love to other women. The only problem is loveless sex.

But look at how much suffering has been introduced because of the way that men often have sex with each other, simply due to lack of understanding! The issue isn’t about ‘love’ but animalistic sex, one that tries to ‘replicate’ the experience of making love to a woman, but without the right ‘equipment’ involved. I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say that the foundational energy center wasn’t made to be messed with. Its like shaking a building by its foundations — and violently so! Your entire being will be affected, and not in a good way. In fact this has become so ‘fashionable’ that ‘women’ are asking for it. Do you know why this is?

They are simply trying to get a thrill ride that comes with being in a building that is being rocked at the foundations. That’s all. And the thrill ride is a way of trying to cover up the suffering that’s already entered their system. Its like feeling bad, and then going to a theme park to get on some rides in order to make yourself feel better. It isn’t going to work. After the ride, you’ll be worse off, as now you’ve spent energy that you would have thrown away along with the suffering (getting rid of the suffering in the process) on a pursuit that simply suppressed it. In other words, now you have the same amount of suffering, or more, but you don’t have enough energy to throw it out. And this is exactly what’s going on with all kinds of ‘kinky sex’, as women are calling it. All its going to do is mess you up even more.

Pain isn’t a bad thing, nor is suffering a good thing. If our civilization is to be rebuilt, these two must be understood and that isn’t possible until you’re enlightened. Anything less and you will use any opportunity you get to ‘comfort’ yourself and get yourself back in the hole that you find yourself in today, in our current civilization.

As I write this I am sitting across from a building that serves as the Los Angeles County Superior Court, among other things. There’s absolutely no point to this institution whatsoever. All people do in our justice system is incarcerate, fine, ‘punish’ and do all kinds of nasty things to people in the name of ‘justice’ and ‘the rule of law’. It is utterly bogus, because the laws of the universe are what actually make everything happen, not the laws of the world. People are so blinded by their pretense — they play roles like ‘attorney’, ‘judge’ and so on — that they have actually come to believe that they have some kind of ‘power’ over other people, that they can actually influence what someone is going to ‘experience’ and so on. It is a bunch of psychological bullshit that has been propagated for long enough that everyone’s fed up and is in some way or another attempting to ‘dodge the system’. Whether that be as simple as running a stop light, avoiding taxes, stealing a TV from a store during a riot, raping someone in a back alley and running off or murdering someone and trying to cover it up, all that changes is the level of karmic repercussions these people are going to experience. Their ‘punishment’ isn’t going to come from the ‘justice system’. And people who look to such institutions for justice are the stupidest people of all.

This is why the most enlightened beings are simply non-resistant, non-violent and don’t participate in riots, protests and so on. We simply don’t waste our energy on things that are of no consequence to how life is about to unfold on this planet. If you’re wondering why people are in prison if this is the case, that’s because you — women — have created it to be so. This world is your creation, and in your insolence, arrogance and selfishness, you’ve decided that the best way to take care of human beings that are in pain is to incarcerate them and put them somewhere you don’t have to face them anymore. Well, it isn’t working. Homeless people are all over Los Angeles now, and they’re going to be in your face more and more as time progresses. Already, I see them being far more aggressive with women and people in general on the streets, as they basically cannot stand the level of pain and suffering they’re being made to endure by the world in which we live. Is their karma anyone else’s ‘fault’? No, but they don’t have any support either. Most of them cannot shower daily, eat well, sleep in peace or find someone to guide them through their lives — and that’s if they’re not mentally unstable already.

As a civilization, we’ve decided that the best way to solve a problem, is to ignore it. And if we cannot ignore it, we find someone else to ‘hide’ the problem. On the other extreme, we have idiots that want to solve every problem by ‘killing’ someone responsible. Maybe they manage to kill the body, but the person? It doesn’t die — it comes right back in a different body. And this is why we have so many people on this planet now. People aren’t actually ‘leaving’. Of course, love is going to take care of this problem too. How?

Easy — dissolution. Love can do that — completely ‘kill’ a human being, dissolve them, take them out of the equation. It is by the power of love aka ‘the Christ’ that all of us are here, and it is by the power of love that all shall be dissolved. And the power of love is rising in terms of its influence on the planet. As it does so, it will create a problem for human beings that they will not be able to solve — facing the truth. So human beings will simply die. You shouldn’t expect some kind of ‘mass suicide’ event, as love works gradually. It appears in the form of disabilities, illnesses of both the mental and physical kind, psychological issues, marital problems, sex, drugs and violent insurgencies and so on. Perhaps you’re familiar with all these from watching the news. Slowly, humanity will come up against something it hasn’t ever planned for and succumb to it.

So how you do redesign this civilization? Get enlightened and learn to handle the truth. That’s the only solution, and one that every Yogi, guru, swami, saint and mystic has been preaching for God knows how long. They have all been talking about one and only thing: love. Love thy neighbor, love one another, love not sex, have sex with anyone you like but don’t pretend, drop your baggage, be in tune with love, etc. Its been going on for a very long time. Tens of thousands of years!

Or did you think Jesus’ arrival is when the calendar begins?

Creativity should be the sole focus of our civilization, not whatever it is we’ve decided to do so far including ‘comfort seeking’, ‘pain avoidance’ and ‘pleasure creation’. We should be celebrating life, not avoiding it as its unfolding. We should be welcoming death, not fighting it. We should be taking care of each other by loving each other, not by comforting each other for feeling bad. We should be making sure all children have access to this whole world — unfettered access! We should be allowing women to be loved by anyone they choose, not putting them on display and selling their bodies and souls. We should be allowing men to love whomever chooses them, instead of pushing them to be aggressive towards women. And this whole notion of economics is fundamentally flawed, as nothing in this universe is asking for payment. Only people do, because people want ‘compensation’ for their suffering. And once suffering is accepted and eliminated you will not need such stupid ways of compensating for what isn’t valuable.

The fundamentals of this civilization are absolute bullshit, which is why love is destroying it slowly but surely. Do not think that this civilization can be ‘saved’ in parts, using everything from ‘ethanol’ to ‘women’s empowerment’. No, there is no saving this civilization. The world isn’t about to end, but this civilization is going to experience an enormous upheaval, one that will shake the whole damn thing at its foundations. You shouldn’t expect this to happen in some kind of ‘explosive event’, as Hollywood and doomsday predictions often portend. Its happening ‘invisibly’ for the most part now, and its manifestations will appear gradually over time. Most people will not survive, because they simply don’t understand that their world is far bigger than civilization itself. They will beg and cry for mercy, but mercy isn’t given to fools.

And of all things love has, pity isn’t one of them.

Stay young and beautiful!





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