How to rise

Now that my spiritual service has ended, I am free to create, once again!

It’s been a very long time coming. I’ve waited all life long to begin creating something of value — beauty! Why is that valuable? It just is. You’ll have to read my blog to understand why :)

This morning I went by to a grocery store, and a woman complained about her life as they usually do. I simply ignored whatever she was trying to say and taught her a simple lesson.

Shut up and listen.

Women in this culture of ours have learned, unfortunately, that they should be talking and not listening. It’s unfortunate, because silence is the greatest gift a woman is able to offer her world. Is this not true of men? Of course it is!

So the woman started to tell me about her bangles, which looked nice, but at the same time, were not being loved. She was in love with these things, even though they were doing exactly what they were supposed to do — be shiny, tinkle and be beautiful! My way is to speak about beautiful things, to beautiful things. I waited a second and started telling the woman how dumb she was to have bought these things off Amazon instead of actually going somewhere in real life, trying to find something worthwhile and then creating something beautiful using whatever she found.

But she’s like everyone else in the world nowadays — their idea of life is that every idea of life is ok. If someone believes that happiness can be found via a cup of coffee, apparently that’s a point of view that should be celebrated, just as well as any other point of view.

But these are not points of view — these are corruptions of sight. Points of view are always acceptable, but you must have one in the first place. Instead, what most of you have are corruptions of the way you live. You see things poorly, and still hope to be validated. Nah.

Later I sat next to a young man who started telling me about how different people chase things in order to get to higher state of consciousness.

Yep, this person literally claims to have understood life like this: people want to get to a higher state of consciousness, so they are chasing whatever they’re seeing in the world in order to get there.

How you get there by chasing something I haven’t a clue, because a ‘higher state of consciousness’ isn’t even a real thing. You can’t get to a higher state of consciousness because what you all really need is to get ‘out of consciousness’ completely. Beyond ‘life’, which is conscious, is ‘death’ which is aware. Beyond ‘death’, is ‘love’. Beyond ‘love’, is the power of love and beyond that is something I haven’t named yet.

You cannot rise in consciousness — you must simply rise, that’s all. All over the world idiots have decided to misappropriate spiritual terminology in order to justify their own mistaken points of view and are calling it ‘insight’, ‘wisdom’, ‘love’, etc., but these are anything but!

How do you rise then? You just do, when you don’t hold on to something that’s holding you down. It’s that simple. If you want to rise, stop doing whatever you’re doing, sit quietly, and you’ll rise. That’s all it takes.

Stay young and beautiful!




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