Santa Monica Beach

A war is raging in Ukraine, where apparently Russian forces are wiping out military personnel as well as civilians with barbaric imprecision. There is an energy ‘crisis’, as gas prices are rising or falling depending on the whims and fancies of people who control these flows. Violent crime is on the rise, replacing petty crime, across the world. There are ‘supply chain shortages’, causing disruptions in the flow of everything from fertilizer to snacks. Deadlier diseases are on their way, and pornography, the worst of all endeavors involving the subjugation of the flesh as opposed to it’s surrender, is on the rise.

This is the state of humanity. Leave it behind.

I am offering you a new way, one that was supposed to have be implemented a very long time ago, is still available and is now leading to a higher goal.


You must no longer seek to become ‘good people’, or ‘decent human beings’. You must now seek to become divine, or post-divine, no less. Otherwise, you will be caught up in the smoke and fog rising from the devastation about to envelope humanity.

I have written previously about the coming upheaval, how subtle it will be, changing perceptions, causing wide-spread panic, mostly unrecognized by individuals until it’s way too late. Do not wait.

Now the planet is capable of supporting some level of divinity. You may make yourself in a way as to become 100% divine, if you give yourself to the Christ. Come to me, if you’re a teenager around 17 years old (along with your mother) or a woman over 18 who wants to find love. I will transform you.

There is no other way to survive on this planet.

Stay young and beautiful!




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