New day, new tack

I’ve been writing non-stop about the spiritual journey, but I am done with that now. I’ve been released from service spiritually, mentally, psychologically and sexually (yes I was serving women in that capacity as well!). Now I get to be my own person, which is something I can’t imagine you all don’t know about, so I don’t need to write about it. You all have basically been ‘your own persons’ all your life.

What I do now is different — I write about beauty. Because at the end of the day, there isn’t anything else worth putting my life into. My life is so far from me in the spiritual sense, because I live at such a high place that life basically happens ‘out there in the field’, as some poet once put it. There are others seemingly in charge of my ‘life’, as I don’t really want to control it anymore. I am so free anyway — I live as if I am the power of love itself. I am Christ.

So this sounds tacky to you, no? Who can be ‘Christ’ on Earth? Jesus? I am not Jesus :)

You’re all meant to come to this place, where you live as Christ Incarnate, not as women, not as people, not as human beings, not as grace, not as love, but as the power of love. At the moment anyway.

I know there’s more to life than even the power of love. I know there is more to life than Christ, because I have been there, and back :) Maybe some day I’ll start writing about how the source of love itself is created, from the seeds of love. This is something no one’s ever written about, because no one’s ever been that far on the trail of…well, there are no words for it. There is life, beyond it is love, which comes from the Christ, and beyond is…?

I’ll come up with names at some point.

Stay young and beautiful!




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