The elements: Fire

We recognize five elements in traditional spirituality: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Sky.

Fire is the most energizing one of all. Fire isn’t an energy carrier, but a form of energy itself, as is all existence. Everything you see, touch, taste, smell and hear is basically a form of energy. It is energy created by Christ that is the basis of all life in this existence. So when people think about the elements, they are often confused about whether something carries energy or takes it away. Often people think that water is going to lower energy, but its not the case. The question isn’t whether something ‘has energy’, in the way that modern science tries to encapsulate energy as a concept, but exactly how it responds to us as human beings.

Fire is the ultimate energizer, but it can only do one thing for you, energetically speaking — give you the energy you need to survive, cleanse and go on to do things like move and work. What it cannot do, is help you become a creative woman. Purity is the essence of fire and this is why it isn’t able to do ‘this’ or ‘that’. Instead it can provide itself to whatever it is being given to, consuming it in the process. Hence, fire is often considered to be a cleanser, because if you expose it to something like an impurity, it will consume that impurity, leaving the subject cleaner.

Accordingly, the greatest benefit of fire on a spiritual aspirant is karmic cleansing. It has been used world-wide in the prevention of illnesses. People light candles, use them in worship, cleanse auras with it and do all kinds of other things. Most of this is done in the spirit of ‘ritual cleansing’ or ‘ritualistic worship’ and without understanding because its not meant to be used willy-nilly, or even for longer periods of time. Most people should be exposed to flames for only a short period of time, after which it basically makes everything really difficult to manage.

When you get enlightened, you are essentially at ‘Zero’, in terms of your ability to do things. It is only after enlightenment that specific skills are given to those who must use them in order to perform certain things on humanity or beyond. People who are often gifted in something like energy work are deluded as to just how much they can do, and they usually leave the subject imbalanced in one way or another. Plus, it takes a long time to get results out of spiritual work and the average ‘self-styled yogi’ (and there are a million in California) doesn’t know anything about how to take responsibility for their actions when things go awry.

As a woman, you shouldn’t ever go to a psychic, healer, shaman or any of these idiots that will only make your life a living nightmare, partially by consuming your life energy and partially by giving you the garbage they’ve accumulated by interacting with a million people as they go about their ‘career’.

Don’t ever go to a psychic, healer or a shaman in order to fix your life. It doesn’t work like that.

I have a specific skill in this area, meaning that I know exactly how to use elements to clean you up — both your ‘aura’ and your karma, which aren’t related to each other. You can have a shitty aura and clean karma, depending on where you’ve been. Sometimes a bit of aura cleansing is all it takes to bring you back to your usual spirits. However, none of this stuff is open to those who aren’t committed to me. I basically need to be responsible for your life in order to perform stuff like this, so I won’t do it on just about anyone.

Fire is a great disinfectant, and not just for karma, but also food, spaces, clothing and so on. We all know this, and we prefer to be in spaces well-lit by natural sunlight, preferably with lots of direct sunshine streaming in at least parts of the space, if not all of it. Whenever I eat, I am usually outside, or at least in a space well-lit. I almost always take the food or drink I’ve been given (by someone else, as I rarely have time these days to sit around cooking for myself), leave it in the sun for a bit and only then consume it. It makes a huge difference, not only to how it tastes but also on how vibrant the food is after its been sitting around in the fridge or whatever people use to store food nowadays. This is generally not true of produce, but even that is so polluted nowadays that you would, in fact, benefit by putting out the fruit you eat in the sun, for about a second or two before you consume it. Basically, all food is ‘purified’ by a little bit of exposure to fire.

Understand that fire is a ‘two way street’, in that it will be consumed by you, as well as consume you. Its a relationship, in the truest sense of the word and that is why it is so powerfully seductive! Women generally love fire and they want to hang out around human beings that are also somewhat fiery in nature, but don’t understand ‘fire’ to be ‘violent’ or even ‘aggressive’. It isn’t either. If you’ve ever seen a little oil lamp, you know how easy it is to put out. Fire itself doesn’t want to hang on when its no longer welcome — it will go as quickly as it came. It is us, with our ridiculous ideas about what fire is supposed to do for us, that have created narrow-minded narratives about fire as a destructive element. It isn’t destructive, but regenerative.

The only ‘destructive’ force in existence is love, actually. When love shows up, whatever is in the way isn’t just ‘transformed’ but ‘dissolved’, meaning its turned into nothing. Fire meanwhile, is a transformer — it turns whatever is there into something else. Hence men (real men, i.e. enlightened human beings in the shape of men) are usually fiery in nature, because they transform whomever they come in touch with. I am not ‘just’ one of those people, actually. I am both a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ as well as a ‘neither’ because I am beyond all that. That’s all I know you can understand in words. Be with me and you’ll understand a bit more, as time passes.

Fire does one thing really well — recharge the soul. While you may think that fire is simply a ‘physical’ element, nothing is. Fire is only visible when its in the physical dimension, but it doesn’t just exist in physicality. Fire is an element, which means it transcends both the physical and the non-physical dimensions and is available to us beyond this body’s existence. In other words, fire exists not just on Earth, but also in the Heavens. It is good for the soul but also energetically potent in the sense that you can become ‘overwhelmed’ with it if you get too much. This is why, when you’re with a man like me, you’ll need time alone to recuperate from all that transformation you’ll be put through.

The best source of fire on Earth is sunlight. Not only is it abundant, but also quite pure — any impurity in the sunlight we receive is due to the Earth’s polluted atmosphere, both physically and energetically. It is possible to get too much sunshine and get burned, but most people don’t ever get to that stage, preferring to run indoors as soon as its ‘uncomfortably’ bright or hot. Our planet was made to be naturally balanced, in the sense that there’s enough light and shade almost everywhere it is good to live. But people have decided to build in ridiculous locales, like the deserts and hilltops, where there isn’t enough fire, or too much. This has caused a lot of imbalances, as people try to compensate for it in other ways, usually using substances.

Southern California’s sunlight is actually a bit too harsh as soon as Spring arrives so its good to be indoors once it happens, but still, you should be getting enough sunlight in order to be happy. If you’re unhappy, try sitting in the sun for a bit, even if its ‘uncomfortable’, every day, and you’ll see a difference. It doesn’t take much to be happy. You definitely don’t need to go to a class that teaches you how to live well. A little bit of sunshine, sweetness and happy sex is all you need.

What do you do when you don’t have fire, as in on a cloudy day, or in winter in Los Angeles, when its almost always cloudy, foggy, raining or worse? Use a lamp — an actual oil lamp, not a fluorescent bulb — and sit next to it for a while with your food. Or eat while a candle is lit. These things have all been twisted into ‘romance’, drama and other kinds of bullshit, but they are essentially supposed to be used for our own well-being, enlightenment and so on.

Fire isn’t meant to be ‘decorative’ or a form of entertainment. Scented candles, for example, are some of the worst ‘inventions’ to come out of our civilization. We aren’t meant to consume such substances willy-nilly, but most people who engage in nonsense like this will anyway end up nowhere good.

Fire isn’t just found in sunlight or in flames, but also in colors, scents, food and people. For example, butter is a fantastic source of fire, and is usually consumed in greater quantities in colder places because people need it in their system to be happy. Do not be skimpy with butter if you love it — your body is asking you to eat it! When I used to live in colder climes, I used to joke around about wanting to eat a slice of bread between two slices of butter. It’s effective. And in places where there isn’t enough sunshine (which tend to be colder), butter is usually abundant in the stores and such. This is also true of Ghee, which is quite a heating element! In India, Ghee is consumed with reckless abandon, in a country that’s already way too hot for most of the cuisine. This is how people get really sick, and India, to be very honest, is one of the sickest places to live.

Speaking of India, spicy foods are obviously a great source of fire, but usually very damaging to the system at the same time. For example, we aren’t made to ingest chilies— all it does is damage the linings of our intestinal tracts and so on. But desperation has caused people to take up stuff like this and they’re paying the price in instability. Excessive consumption of fire initially raises the body’s energy, but the body has to compensate by getting rid of it, and it does so effectively — through stool! If you eat too much spicy food, you’ll have diarrhea, getting rid of a whole bunch of vital nutrients along the way. Its best you don’t consume chilies at all, if possible, but if you must, let your body become intelligent enough to know when is good, where is good and how much is good.

Alcohol, especially hard liquor, is full of fire. Whenever I see people trying to ‘cool down’ by drinking hard liquor, I wonder if they’ve paid attention to the way their body is responding at all. Hard liquor poisons the system, making you feel ‘low’, while heating up the body at the same time. Its a really bad combination, but people have gotten addicted to such substances because, you know, poison is addictive. Wine is good for you, as a poison, in very small quantities, not even every day, as stupid people have ‘researched’ and concluded. And its best only consumed in the colder weeks, months and so on. Otherwise, beer is your friend, if you must use it. In Los Angeles, there are days when the heat is so oppressive that you must have a beer! I am actually recommending it. But you must be legal — don’t use ‘spirituality’ as an excuse to break worldly laws.

Especially when it comes to ‘substances’, never use your ‘spirituality’ or even religious beliefs to break worldly laws without understanding — you’ll pay for it karmically.

Fire is also found in colors — especially green and blue. People confuse appearance for essence all the time and believe that because the ocean is blue, its a colder color. The ocean, as a matter of fact, is incredibly hot, energetically speaking. And the colder the water is, the hotter it is! You’ll get seriously sick if you swim in very cold water, as your body tries to compensate for it by getting rid of energy, causing you to die of cold. Spirituality is weird that way — you’ll see things in a way that are ‘counterintuitive’ to the way that modern science, for example, describes things. But the effects are the same!

In essence, cool colors tend to appear warmer, while warm colors appear cooler. White is the coolest color, while black is the hottest color of all. In California, the color white is quite popular, especially among spiritual types. Why? Yoga is extremely energizing and to stay cool takes quite a few tricks. Yogis traditionally have always lived in cooler climes, like the Himalayas and such, and its because Yoga produces a ton of energy that the body needs to get rid of. By the way, it is also for this reason that you must never exercise in hot conditions. That Hot Yoga thing that’s everywhere? Quit it.

The color black is really bad for you, plus it absorbs all kinds of garbage. If you want to get really unbalanced, sick, depressed and lonely, wearing black is going to make you all of those things, plus get you loaded up with other people’s karma. And of course, you all love black, and you’re all very sick. When I was in high spiritual states, my fingers would burn whenever I touched anything black, so I had to stop carrying my smart phone for a while, as it would get loaded up with crap simply by me walking around with it in my pocket. I see women wearing black pants and going around town as if they’re intent on cleaning up the world — human vacuum cleaners. If this is how you want to live, that’s fine by me. But if you want to get over your issues, wear white, as much as you can — I only wear white if possible — and you’ll be far, far happier.

Depression is one result of not having enough fire, but another symptom is general listlessness. Even in Los Angeles, I find people moving around as if they have no energy, and a lot of it is because they eat the wrong food that weighs them down (mostly garbage) and then don’t spend enough time outdoors to be recharged and cleansed. Most people need to flip the equation between food and activity — they simply don’t work hard enough to use all the garbage they consume. If they ate less, and spent more time being outside, the world would be a happier place to live.

If you’re living in Los Angeles, you’ll be fine with lighting a lamp every night, for about a second or two, looking at the flame intently, as if you’re consuming it, and blowing it out. Sing happy birthday if you like :) Basically, just a little bit of strong flame is enough to keep your bad juju at bay. But don’t overdo it. Our world is already shifting to ‘electric’ cooking ranges world-wide, which is good, because electricity isn’t ‘fire’. Food cooked on electric doesn’t have the same fiery quality to it as food cooked over fire, as almost everyone knows (I hope!). We shouldn’t be using these elements ‘indiscriminately’ but wisely, so its good that we’re slowly progressing towards allowing the planet to provide us the elements in the way that it does — not ‘engineering’ our world to have these things as a matter of comfort and convenience.

That’s it — there isn’t much to it. Special techniques like aura cleansing and all shouldn’t be practiced by you — you’ll just screw yourself up and be miserable, even if it appears over a longer period of time. When you’re serious about being with me forever, I’ll take care of it for you.

Its getting hot in LA nowadays. If you’re of legal drinking age, get a nice beer you love, send me some happy wishes and have fun :)

Stay young and beautiful!




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