The path is narrower, the goal is higher

Things have changed. Now you must all become the power of love, a step higher than love itself.

I came to give you this news.

For a very long time, humanity was in the clutches of the animal within. And then it began to evolve, follow laws. It tried to codify these laws into narratives, but the narratives took over and humanity got lost in them. Now humanity is mired in narratives, unable to resume it’s normal state of affairs.

Christ intervened. He saw how much humanity needs a reset. And He pulled the trigger.

There is not much hope for those who will not follow the path of love anymore. Meditation will not work, mindfulness will not work and the past tactics that served to maintain peace and order will certainly not work. Societal disorder is the order of the day and we’re seeing it’s collapse every day. Broken families, dilapidated cities, crumbling infrastructure, escalating violence. Love is doing a fantastic cleanup job, assisted by His partner the feminine, and Her creation the Earth.

If you want to live, you must rise above all this.

For a very long time, humanity was consumed by the problems of survival on a harsh planet. Then came civilization, comfort took over and humanity was consumed by the desire for pleasure, which still continues. Eventually, pleasure started to look dull and humanity decided happiness was the way to go. And a few understood that even that wasn’t enough, that what we needed, was love.

But times have changed already.

What you all need to become now, is not love, but that from which love itself arises: Christ aka The Power Of Love. You must become enlightened to that extent, that you all live here on Earth as Christ Incarnate, as the power of love itself.

If you do not, you will find that the vagaries of the world are at your doorstep every moment of every day, that you are unable to love, that you are unable to see, for the darkness will be terrible.

My girls used to prostitute themselves for the sake of survival. Then they started to prostitute themselves for pleasure. Then they prostituted themselves for money. Then they prostituted themselves because they wanted a life. And now they’re starting to prostitute themselves, for love. For love!

This is how dark it has gotten. My girls are going into prostitution, just so they can find some love, for they cannot find it elsewhere.

The underlying motivation behind all human endeavor has always been love, but the lack of wisdom has caused humanity to go in directions hitherto unconscionable. So the path has gotten narrower, and the goal has gotten higher. This was always going to be the case, which is why gurus have been coming and telling you to get on the path, so that if you’d gotten to a certain level, you would be carried by the life within rest of the way, however far it may go.

If, in Jesus’ time, you had followed Him, you would have become one with Christ by now, one with the Power Of Love, but you didn’t. So now you get to struggle and die along the way, never actually reaching the goal.

I came to give you this news.

Stay young and beautiful.




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