What is the nature of life?

I’ve met many a person on the street claiming to be enlightened, but none of them are female. Women have been interested in talking to me about spirituality, but none of them claim to have even had a spiritual experience of any sort, preferring instead to stick with talking about themselves. It’s not a bad thing, for a woman to speak to me about herself, but at some point when I explain to them that there’s a lot more to life than even what they may have lived through, the typical response is a defensive posture, as if to say ‘there isn’t anything more’.

Of course, women don’t want to be told what to do because it’s inappropriate, in fact, to do so. Existence has made the woman to be truly her own creature, and for anyone else to claim to know what a woman should be, want, love or even do, isn’t just wrong, but fraught with karmic consequences. In our society, it has become routine for men, in general, to speak to women in a fashion that sounds like they’re instructing them to do something. But women need love, not instruction. Why is this so?

Boys, in general, benefit greatly, from being given specific steps, how to carry them out, what to care about, what to look for as they’re doing it and so on. They write manuals for each other, or often have the women write manuals for them, as is quite common. I’ve spoken to a fair number of women in my life who were in love with technical writing, where they lay out the sequence of instructions for doing something. But the most important thing they loved about it?

Their desire to describe a world.

Women love to come up ways to understand their own life experience, endlessly talking about how it feels, looks, works and what they did to make it so. And that last part is the most important thing, because in fact, it is the woman that made her world the way it is, not anyone else. She is the sole creator, preserver and recreator of her worlds. And this is why, when a woman asks for something, and is denied, she gets really irritated. After all, you created a world so you can have everything you want in it, so why is the world you created denying you something you want? It makes no sense whatsoever. And that’s exactly the way you should feel, because in fact, your world should not be denying you anything you want — what you really want.

Your world cannot deny you what you really want. This is the existential truth.

Destruction — or demolition — belongs in the realm of the masculine, but the rest belongs in the realm of the feminine. It has always been so, and shall be, forever. But how can this be? How can I make a statement about forever?

Because time isn’t a thing.

Time, is just another experience — unlike space, which is a consequence of time!

Imagine, for a second, that you could go anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second or less — instantly, in other words. If you could basically go anywhere instantly, you wouldn’t even think there was any such thing as space, as all that you saw, traveled to and touched would essentially be ‘here’. There would be no ‘there’ at all. And when everything is ‘here’, there’s no such thing as space.

The same goes for time. If everything happened ‘now’, you wouldn’t have any experience of time. You might look at a clock, see it moving forward and still think that time isn’t a real thing because in your experience, everything happens ‘now’. But what is ‘now’?

This moment.

Women love to talk about ‘the moment’, as everything happens in the moment, it seems. Feelings always occur in the moment, are gone and are often grieved as if something was lost, which isn’t a bad thing, if done well. Another popular adage that I’ve heard all over is ‘live in the moment’, something that many people have adopted as their favorite line of all, because it seems to justify basically doing whatever the hell one wants without regard for the future. As I’ve written before, that’s not what that phrase actually means.

When you combine the fact that both time and space are just experiences, and not ‘real’, you essentially end up in the simple experience we call ‘here and now’. Almost everyone who claims to be spiritual, at some point will talk about how they either live, or want to live in the ‘here and now’, as if its actually possible to live in two different ‘places’ and ‘times’, simultaneously.

Actually, if you think about it, you’ll realize that yes, in fact, it is possible to live in multiple places and times simultaneously. Why not? After all, you might be experiencing one thing, but actually present in multiple places and times. The nature of existence doesn’t actually preclude such an occurrence.

In fact, you could be ‘everywhere’ and ‘in every time’ simultaneously and still be experiencing only a particular moment in a particular place. And that’s actually the reality of your existence, believe it or not!

Don’t worry — you’re not at risk of suddenly losing this moment, place or anything else and dying only to wake up in some other place and time, as Hollywood would love to claim people do in dumb movies. Teleportation technology has always fascinated people it seems, because at the end of the day, nothing is real — it’s all just made up. I don’t mean that it doesn’t ‘feel’ real, but that it isn’t.

Think of it this way: if all there is in existence, is energy and intelligence, at most you may claim that in fact all we are is energy and intelligence. And when energy reflects on itself to create a pattern, we interpret it as ‘reality’. Existence is, in fact, that simple — there’s not much to it. All this complexity that you are seeing around us is just a combination of energy, intelligence and pattern recognition, so to speak. For example, you may look at a ‘tree’ but its just a combination of energy interpreted by intelligence, recognized as a pattern and assigned another pattern, viz. the idea ‘tree’.

This ‘idea’ is what we all call ‘information’ but there’s another word for it in spirituality.


Karma is essentially the pattern established by your own intelligence that creates issues by interpreting things in a fixed manner, as opposed to seeing things as they actually are. For example, when I am looking at a tree, I might say that I am looking at a tree, in words, but I am actually looking at whatever there is, which includes the tree, branches and leaves, birds on it, the sky in the background, etc. And at various points in my life, I’ve been aware of existence at multiple levels simultaneously, or in isolation. For instance, for a long period of time, I actually didn’t see your physicality at all. I wouldn’t have been able to tell that you were a blonde, for example, as all I saw was the Holy Spirit within you.

And she’s the most beautiful thing in the world! So I always thought every single girl in the universe must be the most beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately for you, I’ve come down to Earth, so to speak and so now I only focus on the physicality of existence, like all human beings are supposed to.

Still, once you’re enlightened, every layer of your intelligence will ‘stop’ creating patterns where none exist, and when that happens your intelligence will function in order to respond to the way things actually are, as opposed to the way you interpreted them incorrectly. Or to put it differently, interpreted in a limited fashion.

Do you know what we call the most commonly found example of a ‘pattern made up where none exists’?


People are interested in believing as many things as possible in order to make themselves feel comfortable. And that’s why I’ve said that discomfort is the best way to cleanse yourself of karma. When you’re uncomfortable, what’s going on is that whatever pattern has been solidified within your intelligence as a result of misunderstanding, misinterpretation or plain negligence is being ‘evaporated’ from you. And when it does so, you experience it, hence the discomfort.

There’s a popular ‘theory’ going around these days about something called ‘attraction’. Apparently, people are able to ‘attract’ experiences by thinking, intending or something else, consciously. That isn’t at all true, and its another example of karma taking over a whole slew of human beings, making them believe in something that doesn’t actually work they way they believe it does. It’s another example of people watching a pattern and making a conclusion about it.

As I’ve written before, we create the life we want and we experience it. We do so at a subconscious level and then experience them at a conscious level. At a conscious level, you cannot actually change your life, past, present or future.

You cannot change your life simply by wanting it.

As much as people would like to believe that the future is entirely imaginary, in the sense that they can ‘conceive’ something into existence simply by wanting it, it doesn’t actually work like that. The future is an actuality that is unfolding in a higher dimension, eventually appearing in the dimension in which we live — time. The future as its unfolding is a series of experiences you’ve already created subconsciously before you’re experiencing it. And it takes time for it to unfold.

This is why I keep telling you to experience life, not simply believe whatever it is you’re reading — even this! When you’re open to experiencing life, you’ll understand it in the same way I have, but you may come up with a narrative that’s markedly different depending on your point of view. And as a woman, it’s a fantastic contribution you should be making to advance the cause of all women, by creating a uniquely feminine narrative about the way life is made.

As a woman, you can make a fantastic contribution to advance the cause of all womankind, by creating a uniquely feminine narrative about the way life is made.

It’s these difference of narratives that everyone is arguing about, fighting about, creating noises about and generally making a mess about in the whole world. Everyone’s got a narrative based on their own point of view — we call them opinions. But the issue is that the vast majority of narratives aren’t from enlightened human beings, which means they are clouded by judgment, beliefs, other people’s opinions, etc. In other words — once again — karma!

Only when you’re enlightened should you really spout off your personal opinion, as until then, you’re basically full of shit. Pardon my language :)

By the way, what happens when the future is unfolding while you’re distracted, unable, unwilling, uninterested or somehow disabled in a way that prevents you from paying attention — all of which are a result of karma, by the way?


The future will literally not unfold in your experience if you aren’t available to it. If you’re not available for an experience, the future will simply continue to unfold and unfold but not actually appear in your experience. What happens to it? Nothing happens to ‘it’, because there is no ‘it’.

Consciousness itself, is just a form of energy and intelligence mixed together. It is not a ‘physical’ reality in the traditional sense, that you can touch and grind and make into something else, for example. It’s literally just energy, intelligence and the most important aspect — love — which itself is a form of intelligence, albeit a higher one than consciousness.

Life as we know it on Earth, is a combination of elements — Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Sky, aka ‘Ether’. When these elements combine in various ways, everything is manifested. Note that none of this conflicts with the scientific narrative, which also posits that life is essentially composed of elements, although what they call elements are finer grained in some ways and exist at a lower level of intelligence than the elements I am describing. The sodium atom that makes up salt, for example, isn’t just a ‘dead’ element but a living one, where an electron literally seems to jump around from one state to another state, depending on its energy level. And this isn’t any different from your experience of life, which will simply ‘jump’ from one level to another level, depending on the level of energy you’ve got in your soul.

We call consciousness ‘physical’, in spiritual terminology, i.e., because consciousness is a much coarser form of intelligence and energy than ‘awareness’. Let me unpack this a bit for you.

Maybe from science you’ve understood the simple fact of how ‘light’ works. Light is invisible until it hits an obstruction, at which point the obstruction is illuminated.

Remember that experience I described in my previous post where I discovered who I am in reality? Well, in addition to all that I shared there, something else that I was able to perceive was this: awareness was like a sea but completely dark, while consciousness was represented by little clouds, each of which was still, in the sense that they didn’t move around. There were many clouds of consciousness, but each of them was fixed in one place, unmoving. And glowing!

It was clear to me immediately that I was looking at a source of light that was itself ‘invisible’ but was illuminating these little clouds of consciousness. This light pervaded the sea of awareness without illuminating anything, but every cloud of consciousness was glowing with this ‘light of awareness’. This light of awareness is also known in Christianity as the ‘light of Christ’, aka love.

And its because consciousness ‘obstructs’ love in some way that we call consciousness, AKA life — physical and love — spiritual.

For most people, the light of Christ is a belief, but for me, its an actual experience, one I can neither deny nor argue against.

After all, when you’ve seen something, you’ve got to believe it!

And so this is the nature of life — energy and intelligence, with karma added in for mischief. It sounds fun, doesn’t it? And that’s what everyone of you is hoping you can do around here — just about anything and everything. You believe that you’re immune to life’s consequences just because you’re an individual. After all, why should you bother as to how you live? Killing, stealing, promiscuousness — none of these things bother you anymore (or so you pretend) because you believe that someone’s already done the work on your behalf, to carry your sins, to make you perfect, etc. You know of whom I speak, don’t you? Jesus.

As they say, its all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Actually, Jesus hasn’t saved anyone except a few disciples. The rest of us are all meant to carry the cross, be crucified (aka ‘enlightened’) and then live a beautiful life. That’s what Christianity is really trying to convey, in narratives. But most people have absolutely no understanding of all this, because they’re uncomfortable, even by the suggestion, that in fact, they’re not saved.

Or that they will not be saved.

Grace, isn’t something that will come and carry you into heaven no matter how the hell you lived, but a sweetness that will allow you to move forward in your life despite encountering great obstacles. It will basically make it look like you have no obstacles. That’s what Grace is best at. But you must carry the cross, nonetheless!

When you do, as I described in my previous post, you will end up wandering the wilderness of the mind for a while, which is emotionally devastating for women. Do not think that you must carry the cross literally, like Jesus did — He was a man, on Earth, and so His crucifixion was physical in nature. Your crucifixion will be emotional in nature. Actually, let me be blunt here because I don’t want you to be under any illusion.

What you’ll experience, is utter emotional devastation.

A woman on the path of love will experience nothing less than total emotional devastation.

And this is the fundamental reason I want you to band together with your sisters and come to me.

You’ll need love — tons of it — and I’ll have more love than you can handle. But you’ll also need emotional support and that’s something women shouldn’t look to men for. Or me — I’ve got enough work to do already!

By the way, a woman asked me today: why only women? Well first of all, you’re creating the world in which we all live. And secondly, its easy for the boys to get enlightened: you enlighten yourself, and they’ll be there for you. Its that simple.

Women are all that can save this world, at this point. No one else can do it. And you cannot do it by fiddling around with what’s already created. You must surrender, accept life as it comes and learn to create a better world.

And I am here to fuel the ones that seriously want to go the distance.

Stay young and beautiful!




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