Why things are going very well, actually

Does this look like the world’s in disarray?

This morning I woke up to find a whole bunch of really tragic news stories on my Google News reader app. I’ve never really had much interest in perusing anything but the headlines, occasionally reading an article or two here and there depending on whether there was something beautiful about it. But in general, the vast majority of news stories nowadays that I come across are basically about one and only one thing: death.

Whether it be the physical death of someone in a shooting, the emotional death of a celebrity in deep distress, the financial death of an entrepreneur who screwed up or the publicity death of a politician, ultimately, everyone is fascinated with death. Do you know why? Because Death is Love.

I’ve written before articles outlining how love functions, how it’s insistent on breaking down what’s being created in order to resist it’s forces and how it’s winning the war on psychology by demolishing every ‘fake’ narrative that people have created in order to feel good about themselves. This is essentially what’s going on world-wide, even in something as horrible as the Russia-Ukraine ‘war’, where millions of people’s lives are at stake.

A long time ago, I was asked what we should do if a starving child presents himself in front of us. I responded with simply ‘don’t create a narrative’. But that’s not enough for most people, because they’ve already created a narrative about what’s going on by the time they’re in front of a ‘starving child’. What’s the narrative? That they’re seeing a starving child? No, of course if a child is starving it’s reasonably clear that he or she is starving. But the question is, is the child in need of assistance? Or is the child in distress in a manner that is appropriate?

Sounds impersonal, dehumanizing, almost cruel, doesn’t it? How can we encounter a starving child and sit around ‘thinking’ up philosophies and narratives on how to respond?

But that’s exactly what all of you do, every moment of every day.

Even today, the news article that was talking about the Russia-Ukraine ‘war’ was ‘interrupted’ by a banner advertisement showing a woman enjoying a nice glass of wine with a man, wearing nice clothing, with a fake smile on her face and in a seemingly very peaceful place. The contrast is jarring, but we don’t think twice about these things at all. We’re ok with it, because we’re ok with cruelty. We don’t believe cruelty is something to be eliminated from existence. After all, there isn’t enough for everyone, so if you want to be happy, you must consume something to the point where no one else can have enough, correct?

A man recently spoke to me about the fact that he was feeling really guilty about leaving behind his home country of Bangladesh and living in the United States, saying that the United States is practically heaven on Earth and that he’s a sinner, basically, for shirking his responsibilities. You are all most welcome to beat yourselves up over your ‘responsibilities’, to your country, to your society, to your job, to your families, to your friends and loved ones, even to your God and so on.

I don’t have any, so you’re welcome to take them all. And in fact, that’s exactly how I am living. Totally irresponsibly.

When I went to Best Buy recently, they asked me to pay $200 in order to get my laptop fixed. I simply did so, without a second thought, because I don’t actually give a crap as to whether or not I survive and share whatever I was ‘tasked’ with sharing, meaning I don’t want to save money or calculate whether or not it was ‘worth it’. Why? It’s all over anyway — this blog is full of all the wisdom you need to get through the upheaval I keep talking about in the blog. I’ve made lots of Tweets to communicate the truth. I’ve shared lots of stories on Instagram to share the way life is meant to be, as opposed to the way it is, etc. I share freely with people on the streets whatever they need if they’re genuine and really can use what I’ve got. But that’s about it. No more.

At this point, all I have to share is Truth, Beauty and Love, which are all ‘spiritual’ in nature. Even if you have sex with me (the most physical thing I’ve seen you all worry about), you’ll still only receive those things, nothing else, so there’s no point in coming to me with requests for anything else but those three things. And they’re one and the same. AKA ‘the light’. In other words, all I can do is enlighten you by loving you. And all I can do is love you. Otherwise, I am playing by myself, essentially, because I’ve always been happier playing by myself than with other people. Why? Because you’re all essentially neurotic — either possessive, competitive, money-minded or something else. Basically, you have no idea how to be loving. But the planet does!

When a man is happiest, he usually wants to be in nature, swimming in the oceans, hiking in the woods, or hanging out by himself in water. Usually it’s water, because a happy man is full of energy aka ‘fire’. And fire loves water, because it can be dissolved in it. But nature is full of sweetness, and he loves her in that way as well. He’s nourished by her sweetness, healed by grace, enriched by beauty and fulfilled by love. Basically, this Earth has everything a man needs, which is why men like me just enjoy being alone as much as possible. We like the purity of this Earth and it’s beautiful aura. The rest of you come across to me, at this point (except for the few who have spirit in you), as ‘props’.

As in movie making props.

You may all think I am being very dehumanizing, but the truth is that y’all treat each other exactly the same way without realizing it. Most of you really see each other as ‘things’, not as ‘human beings’, because subconsciously, none of you see each other as ‘alive’. There’s no spirit in you, so you come across like a bunch of automatons walking around Earth while the plants and animals enjoy themselves. It’s so funny. I never expected that Heaven would be full of creatures like flowers, trees and bees, and people would be living in Hell, while still occupying the same dimension known as time.

So what does all this have to do with the bad news anyway?

Simply this: Hell is a horrible place that is slowly being destroyed. And since you’re all in it, you’re all experiencing everything from anxiety to murder. It’s a good thing, really.

All you have to do is be quiet and you’ll rise to Heaven and meet me here, but since most of you refuse to be silent, you’re all going to die in Hell. It sounds like a bad movie plot, honestly, and cheesy to boot, but it’s the truth! People who refuse to get enlightened essentially die inside their own neuroses, never having actually encountered truth, beauty or love, as they spend all their time in false narratives about what’s actually going on.

So does it really matter that we all have a different narrative about what’s actually going on? That you all worry yourselves sick about money, sickness, disease and death, while I smile and go about my life as if everything is ok? After all, we just have different narratives about life, don’t we? So which is the correct one?

None of them.

The truth of enlightened beings like me is that we live ‘narrative-free’, which is to say, we don’t have a narrative about what we’re up to. I may come up with narratives from time to time to share the way I see life, but that’s just another means of expression, like music or movie making. Or dance and song. Or sculpture, painting and clay making. They are all just forms of expression. When you hear a piece of music, (just music, no words), do you have ‘meanings’ associated with them? I don’t, anyway. They’re simply sounds, and I can appreciate them. There’s nothing else really going on, except energy going about, undulating, coming in waves, etc. Like an ocean. An ocean of ecstasy, which is what existence is like. It’s that ocean of existence I encountered in one of my spiritual experiences and wrote about. So all I feel now are waves of ecstasy. And whenever a wave comes along, something happens and I go along with it. It’s that easy.

But you all have so many ‘hangups’ about every single thing life is up to, that you feel the need to construct a narrative about everything. Genocide is bad, apparently. It’s not — the people involved really needed to get a good thrashing. War is bad, apparently. No, same thing. Whatever ‘bad’ you’re seeing in the world is basically people receiving their just desserts. For we’re all selfish and stupid, so we must pay for each other’s sins. There’s no way around that.

Except, silence.

If you all were mostly quiet, suffered within, and worked out all your karma within, you wouldn’t experience all these horrible events in your conscious experience. But you won’t, because you’re lazy. So you’ll have to be put through wars, rapes, genocides, accidents, murders, robberies, etc. If I took on more karma than I could work out, even I would experience all of these things. It’s just the way life works.

So is America a Heavenly place? Not really. It’s just that most of you have no clue how much karma you’ve been accumulating, primarily by creating a lot of problems for the rest of the world’s humanity. Do you not think these waves of ecstasy will come back to you? Yes, they will. But you will not perceive them as waves of ecstasy. For you, they will be waves of disaster because you love to create a narrative of ‘personal’ achievement. Personal dreams, personal desires, personal accomplishments, personal fame, personal glory, personal wealth — everything is personal. This is why Jesus tried to remind you by giving you a prayer where He asked you to acknowledge that all power and glory belonged to the Christ. But you don’t listen.

This is why all Hell has broken loose in large parts of the world. And wherever things are going ‘wrong’, I am happy to see that they’re doing so, because it only means that they’re finally getting their due — it’s only going to get better after that. After all, debts must be paid. I rejoice in all these horrible things that are going on all over the world, not because I want to see people suffer and die. I would much rather you all be silent and work out your sins in your subconscious, then come outside and live a beautiful life that you share with all. But since you won’t do that, this is the way you’ll be made to pay.

So yes, whatever’s going on in the world is fantastic. We need more and more people to basically go in the ‘wrong’ direction, fall off a cliff and die, then be dissolved in the light of Christ. We don’t need so many people in the first place. Most of them should have gone a long time ago, but they simply didn’t leave! They kept making excuses for not going the distance, being dissolved and then leaving this existence forever. So Christ is doing the job for them now. Basically, He’s taken responsibility for His creation, so to speak. And He’s decided that none of you are worth a damn, so He’s throwing you out.

Stay young and beautiful!




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